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When tourism meets photography

Where tourism meets photography


Andrea Moradei has worked since 1980 on creating cultural tourism programmes, first for Centro Koinè, then for the tour operator Vinarium and lastly for Centro Italiano, the Italian language, art and photography school.

Michele Pero is an all-round photographer as his biography (http://www.michelepero.it/about-the-artist/) shows, but most of all a photo reporter and keen observer of people and things. In spite of his background on photo journalism (http://www.michelepero.it/the-work/), architectural photography and weddings (http://www.michelepero.it/wedding-storytelling/), Michele today investigates new paths with fine art photography (http://www.michelepero.it/featured-projects/).

The photos on this site are by Michele Pero with text by Andrea Moradei.